The need for a mentor is obvious, yet seeking one out can be quite difficult and daunting. How do you find the right person?
Richard Branson

The Value of Mentors

People, and their skills, are your organization's greatest resource.

How can you unlock the expertise held by your top talent to energize the next wave of leaders?

Uvize makes it easy to launch and manage a mentor program within your organization.

One to One

Simple matching for mentors and protégés.

Mentor Groups

Group mentoring for dedicated teams.

Build stronger relationships amongst your team, and improve skills and engagement.

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    The value of a great mentor is priceless. I owe much of my success to the people who invested in my life.

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    Mentoring provides me with a sense of satisfaction, and is a way for me to acknowledge those who helped me in my career.

Goal Setting

Not everyone has a clear plan for what they want to achieve. What should life look like 5 years from now? What are the steps that will make the big dream a reality?

Uvize encourages people to work with mentors, define a mission, and develop a set of actionable goals.

Improve motivation, satisfaction, and retention.

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Online Training and Resources

Some questions pop up all the time, and they have simple answers - if only people knew where to find them.

Uvize brings your shared internal resources, questions, and discussions into one smart online forum.

You can even host your own online video training within Uvize.

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  • Program Manager’s Checklist
  • Custom Branded

    Display your logo, and set a custom skin to match your brand colors.

  • Easy setup

    Fully automated setup and onboarding based off nothing more than an email list.

  • Easy Email Communications

    Post announcements and custom emails easily to all users.

  • Analytics

    Keep track of engagement, and monitor the success of mentor protégé relationships.

  • Private Organizations

    You control who can access your network and its content.

  • Desktop + Mobile

    Cross platform access on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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  • Your people deserve a personalized experience!
  • New Employees

    Give your onboarding process a human touch.

  • Career Path Uncertainty

    Retain employees by giving them a path to grow.

  • Workforce Diversity.

    Foster inclusiveness and develop stronger support networks.

  • Limited Talent Resources.

    Help overextended managers develop their people.

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    We have seen high levels of engagement. Our members benefit from the ability to stay connected and share resources.

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    Uvize is the foundation of our online presence. A very responsive way to incorporate mentorship for our student veterans.


Based in Boulder, Colorado since 2013, Uvize is a graduate of the prestigious Techstars program. We are the products of great mentorship, and a world class program, we bring that passion to you!

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    Dave Cass

    CEO / Co-Founder

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    David Parker

    CTO / Co-Founder

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    Bo Bergstrom

    COO / Co-Founder

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    James Sanders

    Lead Dev / Co-Founder


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