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How It Works

Graduation rates among veterans are an issue for many colleges.

Do you need a scalable way to address some of the problems your student veterans face while transitioning from military to college education?

Uvize was built by veterans, for veterans, from day one. We understand the challenges and have specially designed our product to tackle them head on.

Uvize includes an online training program, and networks your veterans with mentors from staff, peers, and the industry.

Make your school more appealing to student veterans, and see your students through to success!

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    It’s difficult for veterans on campus to identify and engage with one another proactively.

    Uvize has given us the means to improvise, adapt, & overcome.

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    Matching for Mentors and Proteges

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    Organize Mentor Groups

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    Tools for Collaborative Goal Setting

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    A Forum for Online Resources & Discussion

The Prep Course

Prep is an 8 part video course that can be integrated with your online mentor program.

The course is designed to help veterans leverage their military training and transition successfully to the academic learning environment.

Our team has rich experience in this area, Uvize CEO Dave Cass wrote the book on it. Check it out on Amazon:

The Strategic Student Veteran The Strategic Student Veteran
David Cass

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